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A collection of my creative writing pieces, recommendations and rants.

A very honest blog

I have been working on this blog for a few months now. I understand what a delicate topic it is, and I have really struggled to be this vulnerable on an exposed platform. But since so many people have been so courageous in opening up to me about challenges with their mental health, I feel […]


Vietnam Voyages

Currently , Charlie and I are sat in a cafe somewhere in the suburbs of Danang, Vietnam. We are the sole customers, and ten minutes ago the girl working here came to give us a free cup of tea, then resumed slouching over her phone screen watching Youtube. Not really sure what to do now, […]


Human Girl

As much as we would like to do as advised by the many memes on Facebook that tell us to move on from whatever darkness lurks in our past, it is (needless to say) a lot easier said than done. We often try to convince ourselves that we have in fact discarded whatever low life […]



About a year ago in my creative writing class, we were asked our opinion on why people do nice things. Without even pausing to consider, I said ‘Because we feel constantly guilty and are trying to compensate for everything that we take from the world.’ No one really added anything to that spurt of passion […]



SO, Brangelina. You probably don’t care. You probably scoff at the memes of our babe Jennifer Aniston looking smug and giving her scumbag ex the finger. You probably despair at the world’s inability to emphasise the really important stories. People are dying and killing and raping and supporting a presidential candidate who is racist, sexist […]