About Time

Sometimes, I find the positivity of others just a little annoying. Being someone whose mind has been known to wonder into every crevice of possibility, the notion that only the best possible outcome is plausible seems a bit laughable to me at times. What is the point in hope, one must wonder, when it gives […]


Human Girl

As much as we would like to do as advised by the many memes on Facebook that tell us to move on from whatever darkness lurks in our past, it is (needless to say) a lot easier said than done. We often try to convince ourselves that we have in fact discarded whatever low life […]



About a year ago in my creative writing class, we were asked our opinion on why people do nice things. Without even pausing to consider, I said ‘Because we feel constantly guilty and are trying to compensate for everything that we take from the world.’ No one really added anything to that spurt of passion […]