How’s India?

Something that seems to intrigue people about me a lot is my colour. I touch on it quite a bit in my blogs, since it is quite relevant to self-exploration and identity. However, since travelling, the sheer number of remarks that I get, sometimes multiple times a day, has driven me to consider it more […]


Dear Women

Dear women, Before I indulge in something that may resemble criticism, I wish to praise you as you should be praised; you are so much more than the world tries to make you think you are. I am not just referring to the empire of Trump that thinks itself entitled to dictate your reproduction rights […]


About Time

Sometimes, I find the positivity of others just a little annoying. Being someone whose mind has been known to wonder into every crevice of possibility, the notion that only the best possible outcome is plausible seems a bit laughable to me at times. What is the point in hope, one must wonder, when it gives […]