An Essay on Aloneness

I have a particular childhood memory that leaps forth from the realms of my usually silent recollections at times of irony. It is this: peering through the family car’s window at a man who was bald, shiny and intent as he walked along alone. Quite suddenly, a terror, as vivid as it was irrational, scalded […]


How’s India?

Something that seems to intrigue people about me a lot is my colour. I touch on it quite a bit in my blogs, since it is quite relevant to self-exploration and identity. However, since travelling, the sheer number of remarks that I get, sometimes multiple times a day, has driven me to consider it more […]


Amateur Traveller 

Chaz and I are now almost 2 weeks into our voyages, and are currently in Kampot, Cambodia.  Essentially, this has rendered us a bit sleep deprived, a bit paranoid and a lot sweaty. That being said, it is incredible here. I feel that our whirlwind of experiences over the past 12 days has made me […]